Eliane Alexandre supports the Summit for Danny Ecuador Trip

By Eliane Alexandre on Jun 16, 2006 at 11:30 PM in Santa Barbara Hair Salon News
Eliane Alexandre supports the Summit for Danny Ecuador Trip

During Summit for Danny Ecuador, Bob Bryant and a dedicated team of climbers attempted to climb to the summit of Cotopaxi, a peak with an elevation of 19,347 feet! Although the climbers were turned back before they reached the summit due to weather, the team embraced the difficulty of the trip, raising funds for the Daniel Bryant Youth and Family Treatment Center.

From the trip blog:

Cotopaxi Mountain
Cotopaxi Mountain

It is hard to believe I am up at 9,200 in the Ecuadorian Andes with this group of amazing people. I feel so blessed to have this experience personally and to be able to help the kids in Santa Barbara at the same time." — Tokie Shynk

“I just kept telling myself that I had to keep going – the path was not easy and it was not meant to be easy — the same as it is not easy for our youth to climb up and away from alcohol and drug abuse  — and these thoughts kept me going up the mountain.” — Sally Arnold

"This is the most challenging climb I have ever done — from the Refugio, 12,300 ft. to about 18,948 ft. For whatever reason, my mind and body were up to it and I feel very lucky. During this journey, I thought a lot about the kids back home who are also facing great challenges and climbing their own mountains to rise above drug and alcohol abuse. I felt very privileged to join the Summit for Danny teams on this wonderful adventure in support of these kids. The support from my friends in Santa Barbara and their generous donations will make a difference in the lives of our youth and give these kids and their families the programs and services needed to succeed in their fight against drugs and alcohol abuse and have a better life." — Eliane Alexander

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